Visitor policy

By purchasing a ticket or entering the area of the Blue Painter Museum, visitors recognize the provisions of the Visitor Regulations as binding on themselves.
The museum can only be visited with a valid ticket. Ticket price discounts cannot be combined. If you are entitled to several discounts, you must decide which discount you will use before buying a ticket.

• Wardrobe
The museum does not have a separate wardrobe. Larger bags and suitcases can be placed in the cashier's room.

• Use of exhibition spaces
Decent behavior and appropriate clothing is expected. The cashier closes 30 minutes before the museum closes.

• Food
It is prohibited to eat or drink in the museum’s exhibition area, it is allowed in the museum’s garden.

• Artifacts
It is forbidden to touch the exhibited artifacts and showcases for safety and artifacts protection reasons, except where this is specifically permitted or marked. The exhibition space and its furnishings must be used as intended.

• Photos, videos
Taking pictures or videos are allowed. The recordings may only be used for personal purposes and may not be commercialized. For art protection reasons, please refrain from using the flash.

• Closing orderd
The cashier closes 30 minutes before the museum closes. Please leave the exhibition rooms 10 minutes before the closing.

• Family and group visit
The group leader, accompanying teacher, and parent is responsible for ensuring that all members of their group comply with the visitor regulations. The parent or accompanying adult is responsible for ensuring that the child protects the integrity of the works of art and uses the exhibition space and its furnishings as intended.

• Visiting with children
Children under the age of two can only be brought in the exhibition with a stroller or by a strap on baby carrier, if the child can walk it is the parent or guardians responsibility to look after the child. Strollers are not allowed on the upstairs part of the exhibition. Carrying a child on your back or neck is not allowed for safety reasons. It is the guardian’s or the parent’s job to take responsibility for the minor.

• Smoking
Smoking is not allowed in the Blue Painter Museum or in the area of the museum.

• Lost Items
The museum takes no responsibility for lost valuables. Please hand in found or lost valuables at the cash desk! The objects for which the owner does not apply for 6 months will be discarded by the museum or donated to charity. Thank you for your cooperation!