Blue-dyeing museum

Ticket prices

Full price ticket: 2.700,- Ft
Discounted ticket: 1.700,- Ft
Family ticket 2+1: 6.000,- Ft
Family ticket 2+2: 6.600,- Ft
Additional child ticket: 1.300,- Ft
Tour guide fee: 700,- Ft

Combined admission Blue Dyeing Museum -
Esterházy Castle

Full price ticket: 5.300,- Ft
Ticket (6-18 years old): 3.800,-
Ticket (18-26 and 62-70 years old): 4.300,-Ft
Ticket (70 years and older): 3.200,-Ft
Family ticket 2+1: 11.500,- Ft
Family ticket 2+2: 14.200,- Ft

Interactive session (based on prior registration)
For groups only (Above 10 or more people 1.500,- Ft or minimum 15.000,- Ft)
Other activities (based on prior registration)
Tablecloth or shawl printing
(positive imprint on the canvas) 2.000,-Ft/db
Shirt printing (positive imprint) 3.300,-Ft/db
Bag printing (positive imprint) 3.300,-Ft/db
Escape Room 2.600,-Ft

The prices include the exhibition management fee. People included in the 194/2000 Government order can visit the museum with discounted or free of charge tickets. Visitors with free admission will be charged a one-time guided tour fee of 700, Ft/person. Our prices are valid from the 1st of January 2023, and are in forints and contain VAT.

Means of payment
We accept Mastercard/Visa/Maestro credit cards, as well as SZÉP card and cash. As an alternative solution for groups, it is also possible to pay in one sum, by bank transfer, after which we issue a receipt. We are unable to accept euros.

The ideal number of people for a guided tour is 20 people, above that a group division is required. As for now we can only provide a guided tour in Hungarian.

The majority of the museum is easily accessible. Our visitors with reduced mobility can see a part of the upstairs exhibition (Craftsmanship dyed in Blue) as well as the Horse-drawn mangle.