Approach and parking

The museum’s address: 8500 Pápa, Március 15. tér 12.

By bus
If you arrive in Pápa by a scheduled long-distance bus, you must get off at the bus station. The Blue Paint Museum is about 400 meters away from the bus station. You can reach Március 15. tér by a few minutes’ walk from the Roman Catholic Church on the main square. If you arrive by other means of transport, the vehicle can wait in the parking lot next to the Esterházy Castle.

By train
From the train station the Esterházy street leads you to the Esterházy Castle’s park, the Castlepark. By walking through the park you get to the bus station and the market, where you can already see the Roman Catholic Church’s towers. . A few minutes' walk away from the church on the main street of the city, we reach Március 15.tér. The museum building is on the left, opposite side to the Reformed Church. The duration of the trip on foot is about 20 minutes.

By car
Around the museum you have to buy a parking ticket. Parking space for the disabled can be found on Jókai street, which is about 20-30 meters away to the left.

By bicycle
For those arriving by bicycle, there is a limited number of places to park their vehicle under the Museum's gates.