History of the Museum

The special value of the Kluge blue-painting workshop and its importance were already noticed in the 1950s. With the help of the Műszaki Emlékeket Nyilvántartó és Gyűjtő Csoport the whole building was protected in 1954.

In the issue of Magyar Textiltechnika published in 1959, we read that "it would be essential to create a museum dedicated to presenting the development of the textile industry from primitive manual printing to modern printing technology". In his report prepared in 1958, Ottó Domonkos calls for the following steps to be taken after the "protection": "The Kluge blue-press factory in Pápa must be turned into a blue-press museum". "The organized and converted museum must be made accessible to visitors".

The Ministry of Light Industry entrusted the Textile Research Institute with this task. The Textile Industry Technical and Scientific Association, the city of Pápa and the Pápa Textilművek also took part in the implementation. The Blue Painter Museum opened its doors to visitors on August 2, 1962.