What Can You See With a Guided Tour?

From the basement to the attic

The only blue painter workshop in Central Europe that can be visited and has survived with its complete equipment is located in Pápa.

The Kluge family’s workshop transformed into a museum in 1962. The Blue Press Museum is the city’s pride. The Kluge family, who came from Sorau in Saxony, started blue painting in Sárvár in 1783, then moved to Pápá in 1786. The atmosphere of the fully preserved blue painter workshop, indigo and the smell of the starch are still preserved in the walls.

Get to know the secrets of the craft, follow how the wonderful blue dyed cloth is made from the white canvas:

in the workshop, the preparation of the material, hardening, patterning and its incomparably rich collection of samples, the laboratory’s now unknown-sounding chemicals, the impressive tub room with 16 painting basins and the impressive drying attic.

Walking among the machines of the small factory, we wait for the moment when the machinist heats up the boiler, the steam engine starts working and the whole workshop pulsates again.

In the basement, we can meet Samu, the last mangel horse and the huge mangel device he kept in motion, used for smoothing and polishing the fabric.

A row of fair tents full of even more beautiful blue-painted products once awaited customers. Seeing the products of the five working workshops makes us want to enrich our apartment or our clothes with a piece of blue paint.

The art of blue painting is not only present in everyday life, Irén Bódy’s beautiful custom-designed works in the drying attic will prove that theory.

With the experience of visiting the workshop, we can live the experience of creating something with our hands: we can pattern, design, and make our T-shirt, scarf, and bag with a blue painter pattern.

Our escape rooms offer exciting and bonding social time for adults and children.


In 2018, the Hungarian blue painting tradition was added to the representative list of UNESCO’s intellectual cultural heritage within the framework of a joint European promotion.